Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Las Golondrinas son aqui!

The swallows are here and one pair has re-purposed a finch nest above our back porch door. Has anyone else noticed swallows taking over finch nests?

Beautiful weather. It rained Monday and Albuquerque breathed a collective sigh of relief and contentment. Couldn't you all hear it?

I think my sugarsnaps on the eastside of the house are toast. Something is decimating them. Sowbuugs maybe (Maybe not)? Leaf miners? Maybe. I've found the tell-tale burrows they've left like a road map all over my pea leaves. I'm dowsing with biodegradable soap every morning but to no avail. Some blogs suggest neem oil. The squash has taken kindly to my protective measures and is taking off. All tomatoes (except the San Marzanos on the westside of the house)are doing well thus far, although the container tomatoes are winning the race. Something is going to town on the bells peppers despite the soap applications.

Looks like I'll loose the garbanzos, no carrots and few onions to speak of. The tower 'o potatoes is starting to sprout.

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