Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kind of Quiet

It's been pretty quiet on the gardening front. Plants are just growing along at their own pace. Bailey dug up two of the lemon cucumbers (BAD DOG). Found some squash bug eggs on the underside of the Caseta squash the other day and have been monitoring daily and wiping them with a biodegradable soap solution. The squash is blooming! Still no rain. It's ranged from about 62-95 in the Garden Shack, but only tomatoes and peas in there right now.

Poblanos are up and hardening-off on the porch along with more basil. The basil is growing S-L-O-W-L-Y this year. I'm impatient! My self-seeded thyme looks like it will fail, but the coreopsis seed from last year is definitely coming up! YAY!!!! Sage, dill, chives and evening primrose planted last weekend are all doing quite well.

Peas and beans have all grown about 2” inches this week.

I'm thinning this weekend and giving the extras to friends. Anyone need some plants?

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