Friday, June 18, 2010

Creature Feature

Last Sateurday I bought some plants out at my fav garden oasis ~ Plants of the Southwest. I wanted some dill, so I bought two plants, even though they were crawling with butterfly catapillars. I chose two plants that didn't have catapillars on them, brought them home and confidently plopped them in the ground where they proceeded to flourish. Yesterday, I walked out to water and the foliage on one of the baby dill plants is completely stripped. It was obvious immediately what the problem is, because the culprit was and continues to be happily and greedily munching away in broad daylight. Incredible! The little bugger is brightly colored and not at all well camoflaged. Even I could pick him out at 50 paces. A Jay could probably see him at 100 yards, and yet....he continues munching in his merry way with complete and utter impunity. What is this? I thought it was a monarch, but now looking at him compared to other images on the net, his patterns don't look quite the same. Is it a Monarch or not? At any rate, even though it's quite obvious that he is going to destroy my dill, I cannot bring myself to despose of him. Much too beautiful. I think I'll just wait and watch what happens. Besides, it'll give me an excuse to go back to Plants of the Southwest this weekend.

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