what's growing?

Buffalograss buchloe dactyloides
Sand Lovegrass Eragrostis trichodes

Ornamental Pear (Bradford)
Ornamental Plum
White Peach
Cottonwood (volunteer)
New Mexico Olive (plants of the southwest)
Indigo Bush (plants of the southwest)
Wild Plum, NM (plants of the southwest)

Dusty Miller
Wild Grape, NM (plants of the southwest)

Rocky Moun tain Penstamon
Cherry Sage
Sunflowers (Evening Sun) (Discovery Mix) seeds of change
Gloriosa Daisy
Gallardia (Firewheel) plants of the southwest (Aristata) seeds of change
Coreopsis (Maroon) seeds of change
California Poppy   market gardens
Evening primrose (volunteer)
Evening primrose   Plants of the southwest

Tomatoes  (San Marzono)  (Roma Paste) both seeds of change (Yellow Pear) plants of the southwest
Zucchini  (Caserta, Curcibita pepo) seeds of change notes: plants were affected by pests early in season. Fruits have set on but are tiny. We'll see.
Carrots  (Lady Finger Carrot) plants of the southwest  notes: failed 7/10
Onions (Texas early Grano) seeds of change  notes: few survived 7/10
Beets (Lutz Salad Leaf) seeds of change  notes: failed  7/10
Watermelon (Sugerbaby) plants of the southwest notes: some plants survive. A few with fruits and most are blooming 7/10
Tomatillos plants of the southwest  notes: East side of house, shady, protected. Plants are still tiny. We'll see.  7/10
Chile (New Mexico #6) plants of the southwest  notes: failing  7/10 Ancho (Poblanos) plants of the southwest  notes: 2 plants survive were transplanted to container. 7/10
Sweet Pepper (Nardello, heirloom) seeds of change   notes: in containers doing well.
Gourds (small ornamental, mixed) plants of the southwest   notes: planted on west side, sunny, exposed. 3 plants survived, flowering.
Cucumber (lemon, cucumis sativus, heirloom) seeds of change  note: 1 plant survives 7/10
Mustard Greens (Green Wave) (Osaka Purple) seeds of change
Arugula (sylvetta)
Peas (Sugar Snap) plants of the southwest   notes: failed. whitefly infestation 6/15; Spring 11:  Planted Scarlet Runner Beans (Plants of the Southwest) 3/19 W house, 3/26 S house.
Beans (Black Valentine String)  plants of the southwest - W house. Some survived and were very tasty. 
Rattlesnake pole beans plants of the southwest  notes: whitefly infestation nearly killed all plants. Treatment with neem salvaged. Plants are blooming and some beans. Survivors, sweet like sugar. Tasty!
notes: barely survived whitefly infestation.
Garbanzos (Garbanzo Negra) NMAA  notes: whitefly infestation nearly killed all plants. 4 remain are hanging on. Are not thriving. 7/10
Lettuce (Romaine) plants of the southwest  notes: failed  4/15
Fennel  plants of the southwest   notes: not thriving. In old bed.
Potatoes eyes from leftover 'green' potatoes  notes: producing foliage. Ultimately failed due to a fungus.

Rosemary rosmarinus officianlis  notes: thriving, vigorous growth 7/10. Lasted all season. Used fresh all season into December and dried about 1lb. SP 11: Lost one plant E side of bed to -10 in Dec. W side bed is thriving.
Oregano origanum vulgare  notes: after whitefly infestation & treatment with neem, doing better  7/10. Lasted all season. Both fresh and dried into December. SP 11: 3/26- coming back                               Chives allium schoenoprasum notes: doing well 7/10. Lasted all season - fresh is best. Need improved drying technique. SP 11: 3/26 -coming back nicely in herb bed 3/26.
Borage borago oficinalis  notes: doing well 7/10
Basil ocimum basilicum  notes: in container doing well  7/10
Dill anethum graeolens   plants of the southwest  SP 10: notes: being eaten by the butterflies. Harvested some fresh. Harvest seed heads. SP 11: 3/26- One plant appears to have over-wintered.
sage salvia officinalis SP 10: Doing well. Thrived up through December, both fresh and 1/4 dried. SP 11: 3/26- coming back nicely savory satureja montana  notes: failing 7/10